Pilobolus Dance Theatre
National Opera and Ballet Theater

On September 27 Pilobolus Dance Theatre (USA) will present an amazing dance program at the National Opera and Ballet Theater.

Within the framework of the 70th anniversary of Armenian Jazz, the US Embassy in Armenia presents the unique choreographic troupe, Pilobolus. It was created on the basis of Dartmouth College dance class in 1971. The core of the troupe’s program is the synthesis of choreography and gymnastics. This non-traditional combination of genres full with energy and passion has made the troupe rather popular.

Nowadays Pilobolus is a unique artistic organization with three major branches of activity: the Pilobolus Dance Theatre with 7 dancers; the Pilobolus Institute, an umbrella for numerous educational programs; and the Pilobolus Creative Services, an administrative structure coordinating all artistic, commercial and educational activities.

Today Pilobolus Dance Theatre is a leading US dance troupe of international influence. The ideas of the choreographers/directors and their embodiment by the dancers are full of humor, invention, effect and originality, and evoke a mass of positive emotions with the audience.

Modern dance is a concert dance form that developed in the early 20th century. An experimental form of dance, it began as a movement against the constraints and conventions of classical ballet. While technique plays an important role in both classical and modern dance, modern American dance places paramount importance on exploring the creative process though diverse choreography and ground-breaking performances.

Pilobolus, an American modern dance company, represents this collaborative choreographic process that is both unconventional and powerful The physical vocabularies of Pilobolus are not drawn from traditions of codified dance movement but are invented, emerging from improvisation and creative experimentation.

Pilobolus has performed for over 37 years for stage and television audiences worldwide and its works are in the repertoires of major dance companies. The company has received many prestigious honors, including a Primetime (television) Emmy Award for outstanding achievement in cultural programming. The company has been prominently featured on American television, including the Oprah Winfrey Show and the 79th Annual Academy Awards in 2007. The Pilobolus Institute, an educational outreach branch of the dance company, uses choreography as a model for creative thinking. The Institute offers programs for children and adults, including projects for the Lincoln Center, the Julliard School and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. The Institute maintains an ongoing residency at Yale University.

Pilobolus’ performance in Yerevan is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and is part of a regional tour of Armenia and Georgia. The performance features Josie Coyoc, Christopher Del Porto, Mark Fucik, Christopher Grant, Roberto Olvera, Derek Stratton, and Renee Jaworski. Technical support is provided by Joseph Futral, Kristin Helfrich, and Shane Mongar.

The U.S. Embassy would like to thank Armenia Jazz 70 for their generous support.

Tsu Ku Tsu – The piece combines a stately, nearly meditative atmosphere of ritual and majesty with Pilobolus’s startling athleticism. It is calligraphy as choreography.

Symbiosis – A duet which traces the birth of a relationship between two creatures.

Walklyndon – One of Pilobolus’s very first works, Walklyndon is a silent dance owing much of its physical humor to vaudeville. Six colorfully dressed jocks are featured romping, kicking and galumphing.

Day Two – One of Pilobolus’s classic works, Day Two enacts the second day of the creation of the world, from its earliest forms of life to the moment at which creatures of the earth take flight into the air.

Day Two captures the awe of evolution and the wonder of existence.

*Text, in part, taken from Pilobolus promotional materials.

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