Boris Andreasyan

Boris Andreasyan is one of the first guitar players and one of the best musicians of Armenia. Being a self-educated person, skilfully mastering the guitar, he masterly performs music of different styles: modern and smoot jazz, fusion, blues, flamenco, folk and pop music, rock and fank, but his prefered style is fusion. He plays different instruments: keyboard and percussion ones, the bass guitar, the banjo, the bouzouki, the tar and the ud.

At the age of 14, when he for the first time saw an electric guitar and heard its sound he was so deeply impressed and was so interested in it that he decided to become a musician. He got an old guitar and having repaired it he began to play by himself.

He was inspired by the compositions and the rendition of the world famous bands such as “Beatles”, “Cream”, “Chicago”, etc; guitar players: Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Terry Kath, Al Di Meolla, John Mclaughlin, George Benson, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery; piano players: Oscar Peterson, Chic Corea, Herbie Hancock, George Duke; a singer-composer Stevie Wonder and other world famous musicians who promoted the formation of his creative potential, his musical delicate taste and the further development of his skill.

In 1968 there was his debut with the ensemble “Amprop”.

In 1969 he gave concerts with the ensemble “Volcano”.

In 1970 Boris Andreasyan created his first ensemble “1+2” that was the phenomenon in the musical life of pop-rock of Armenia. This ensemble had a great response and popularity in the whole country. Well-known singers and musicians such as Alexander Gradsky and Alexander Tsarenkov (Moscow), a singer Levon Sevan, drummers Grigory Balagyan and Armen Chaldranyan, bass players Araik Asaturyan and Norik Poghosyan performed with the ensemble “1+2”. Being a 15 – 16 year old boy Boris Andreasyan had already performed difficult and beautiful compositions of the greatest masters of jazz-rock music at the concerts of the above mentioned ensembles.

In 1970, in Yerevan, he had a meeting with Vladimir Vysotsky and played with him.

In 1971 he worked at the “Enterprise of a Design-Technical Bureau of Radio Components” as club manager and the head of the variety ensemble.

From 1972–74 he served in the Soviet Army. During that period he took part in the competition of the youth song and the review of ensembles with his Army ensemble “Molodost”, which took place in Tobolsk and Tumen, where he won the 1st place, received the 1st degree diploma and became the laureate.

In 1974 he participated at in the concerts of the armenian singer from the USA – Adis Arman.

From 1974-75 he worked in the ensemble “Armina”. With that ensemble, in 1975, he received the title of the winner of the 5th All-Union competition of performers in Moscow. He same year, at the jam-sasion which took place in Odessa he played with the Moscow jazz-musicians: the saxophone player Vladimir Presnyakov and the piano player Leonid Chizhikov.

From 1975-78 he worked as a lead guitar player and a singer in the State Jazz Orchestra of Armenia the head of which was the composer Konstantin Orbelyan. With the concert rounds he visited many republics and more than 200 cities of the former USSR and also different cities of France, Yugoslavia and Germany, and vherever he was he highly held the honour of Armenia and the Armenian musicians.

In 1976 a gramophone record of the State Variety Orchestra of Armenia with the national songs “Nazan yar” and “Kanchum em yar” came out and soon after that the video-recordings of these songs in the performance of Boris Andreasyan and the singer Larisa Dolina were shown on TV. The same year he played at the jam-sasione in the Philharmonic Society Hall together with the Jazz Big Band of Chicago, Texas (USA).

In 1977, in Belgrad (Yugoslavia), there was a joint concert at the International Jazz Festival where he played together with the State Jazz Big Band of Armenia and the American musicians such as George Duke – piano, Freddy Habbard – trumpet, Leon Chansler – drums, Byron Miller – bass, Charles Frank Johnson – guitar.

In 1977-78, at the International Musical Festival “Melody of Friends” he played with the same big band and the popular singers of the different European countries: Anna German (Poland); Magdi Body, Gaby Monyok, Corina Chiriac (Hungary); Karol Dukhon, Vendula Praglova, Helena Bleharova, Jiri Hromadka (Czechoslovakia); Lily Ivanova, Evgenie Dushanov, Katya Filipova (Bulgaria); Doina Spataru, Ion Ulmeanu (Romania); Krunoslav Cico Slabinac (Yugoslavia); Dagmar Gelbke (Germany); Raul Gomes and Leonora Samora (Cuba) and also with such ensembles as “Chervony Gitary”, “Nebesko Charny” (Poland); “Nova Dimenzia” and a trio “Group YU” (Yugoslavia).

In 1978-79 he worked in the vocal–instrumental ensemble of the State Committee of Radio and TV of Armenia.

In 1979, in Riga, in a jazz club “Allegro”, he for the first time performed his composition “Meeting” together with the guitar player Valery Belinov and the drummer Vladimir Boldorev.

In 1980, in Yerevan, he got acquainted with the famous guitar player B.B. King. The second meeting was in 1994 in Los Angeles.

In 1981 Boris Andreasyan was officially invited to Moscow to work in a business club of American International Business Centre “Sovincenter”-“Continental” where he played in the ensemble “The Jazz Attack” with David Azaryan – piano, Alexander Pishchikov – sax, Anatoly Sobolev – double-bass, Vladimir Vasilkov – drums, Arzu Guseinov – trumpet.

From 1982–89 he worked with the musical-band “Armenia” in the restaurant of the “Armenia” hotel.

In 1983 he received two “Certificates of Honour” for the participation in the review of jazz ensembles and for successful propaganda of jazz music in Armenia from the chairman of the Union of Composers of Armenia mr. E. M. Mirzoyan, the general director of the Esthetics Center of Child Education mr. G.S. Igityan and the Chairman of Trade Union of Scientific Research Institute of Mathematical Machines mr. D. S. Hodzhayan.

In 1985 he participated in the festival “The Jazz Panorama – Yerevan 85” where he played with the double-bass player Tamaz Kurashvili, the piano player David Azaryan and the drummer Grigory Balagyan.

In 1989, in Leninakan (Gyumry), he took part in the charity concert of the singer from the USA – Hovik Grigoryan, organised for the help for the suffered from the earthquake of 1988.

From 1991-95 he lived in the USA, played in different restaurants and clubs of Las Vegas and Los Angeles with many famous singers and musicians.

In 1993, in Glendale (Los Angeles), he played at the concert of the jazz singer Tatevik Ovanesyan.

In 1994 he participated in the author’s concert of the singer-composer Arthur Meschyan in the big hall “Ambassador” Pasadena (Los Angeles).

In 1996-98 he worked in the jazz bar of the “Armenia”-“Marriott” hotel.

In 1999 he cooperated with the ensemble “Time Report”.

In 2001 he participated in gala-concert of Ara Gevorgyan, dedicated to the “1700 Anniversary of the Adoption of Christianity in Armenia”.

In 2002, in Yerevan, he organized a lesson “master class” of the jazz piano player from the USA – Armen Donelian in which the vibraphone player Tigran Peshtmajyan, the guitar player Alexander Mailyan and the others took part.

From 2002-04 he lived in Moscow and worked in the restaurants of the highest-class hotels. In 2003 he worked with the piano player Nikita Bratus in the jazz bar of the hotel complex “Metropol”.

In 2005-06 he participated in gala-concerts “Sings Yerevan 70” and “the March of Generations”.

In 2006 he had a friendly meeting with Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson, the bass guitar player of the group “Jackson 5”, which was accompanied by musical performances. The same year he worked with his own group in the jazz club “Malkhas”.

In 2007 he played on the jam-sesione in the club “Malkhas” with musicians of the band “Earth, Wind and Fire Experience” (USA).

In 2008 he got acquainted with the musicians of the French band “The Paris jazz trio”. They were Marcelo Cordova – bass, Vincent Bouigues – piano, Ando Parseghian – drums. After they had sent each other their own compositions which the both sides liked, they decided to arrive in Yerevan to give a concert together with Boris Andreasyan.

In August 19, 2008 they gave a joint excellent concert in “fusion” style in the “State Academical Ballet and Opera Theatre” where Boris Andreasyan performed his compositions such as: “Sunrise”, “Repentance”, “Progress”, “Pray”.

It should be noted, that Boris Andreasyan is a skilful improvisator with a subtle taste, his mastery differs with high technics and professionalism, deep sensuality and unusual musicality. He has got diplomas, recommendations and character, received from the Union of Composers of Armenia, from the Ministry of Culture, from the ArmGenConcert Committee, from the Committee of the State Philharmonic Society and from other organisations.

Being a talented musician and a guitar player Boris Andreasyan sometimes performes as a singer, bud he also a composer. He is the author of many jazz compositions such as “A nightingale song”, “Hope”, “Call of Holy Fathers”, “Creation”, ”Wake”, “Struggle”, “You’ll be looking for me”, “Belief”, ”Revival”, etc.

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