Gary Kesayan

Graduate of the Yerevan State Conservatory, composer and keyboardist Gary Kesayan was among the first to start playing jazz in Armenia, while in the most stagnant period organized one of the first jazz clubs in Yerevan, which existed for quite some time. There in the evenings he played jazz standards with his partners, and made his first attempts to write his own compositions. Moreover, they not only played jazz in the club, but also staged whole thematic performances with music, dance, theatrical miniatures and pantomime.

In the difficult years of 1990’s among many other he left the country for the USA, where he achieved success. He lived with music, his favorite jazz, which is not so easy even in the favorable conditions of America. Not everyone can afford it, but he did succeed. Gary wrote music, did music arrangements, recorded albums and gave concerts. The First Yerevan International Jazz Festival of 1998 was a perfect occasion to return to motherland after a long hiatus. At almost the same time his debut album, “For You” was released in the States. In 2000 he wrote the soundtrack to Vigen Chaldranyan’s movie, “Symphony of Silence”.

At present Gary lives a rather active creative life: he performs a lot and organizes a series of concerts, one of which – New Year Jazz Evenings with numerous invited American and local partners – has already become traditional. Kesayan’s favorite musical instrument is the classical, cult electronic organ, Hammond B3, which he has mastered to perfection. Despite the fact that the music he writes and performs has the characteristic features of classical progressive jazz, junk and rhythm & blues, nevertheless, its Armenian soul and essence is easy distinguished.

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