Tania Maria in Yerevan
“Aram Khachaturian” concert hall

The only solo concert of Brazilian pianist and vocalist, the queen of Brazilian jazz Tania Maria in Yerevan was undoubtedly the main jazz event of 2011. The concert was organized by “Armenian Jazz-70” and “Malkhas” jazz club with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia. The concert was hosted in Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall on December 11, 2011. Being a pianist, composer and vocalist, she was the first in Brazil who started using scat singing in unison with piano simultaneously imitating sounds of percussion. She managed to develop her own unique, emotional but at the same time light and expressive improvisation style.

Her first album was released 37 years ago and since that time she cannot stop improvising , mildly mixing Brazilian rhythms, funk, rhythm and blues and Afro-Cuban motives. She easily crosses the boundaries of genres and traditions, by her music affording pleasure to hipsters. There is a opinion that the talent of this singer cannot be wholly estimated only by listening to her albums, one should see her on the stage, where she impetuously improvises on the piano, sings and even manages dancing.

Yerevan hipsters value Tania Maria’s talent highly, awarding her stormy applauds after each composition. During the concert she was accompanied by Marco Berto (bass-guitar), Hobart Koolau (drums), Caio Mambertti (Latin American percussion).

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