George Benson in Yerevan
Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex

After this concert Yerevan jazz lovers, finally, can exclaim “Mega-Star – now we know what it is!” In November 2009, a multiple “GRAMMY” award winner the author of gold and platinum discs displayed a real show in Yerevan.

George Benson is one of the most outstanding guitarists in the history of jazz, playing in the range of swing and bop to jazz-rock and soft jazz, sometimes moving to the field of rhythm-and-blues, not less known as a pop and jazz singer. At the same time, in contrast to many other singing instrumentalists, his guitar was never left by the wayside; he always kept the parity between vocal and instrumental plays.

In Yerevan Benson is known and loved by anyone even slightly interested in contemporary music. His music and songs in particular, can be heard on all radio stations of the city, no bar in Yerevan can do without his exquisite instrumental compositions. And as a result – during the concert the audience recognized almost every song from the first notes and burst into applause. Generally the audience behaved very relaxed, singing with the artist and even dancing sometimes, in the case that there were no long-legged girls dancing on the stage or special visual effects. Simply, it was a concert of the highest class.

The show lasted a little more than an hour and a half. Immediately after the program it was confirmed that Benson never plays as an encore. Despite the earn standing for 10-15 minutes applause, neither the leader nor his musicians even came to bow. Well, Benson is a great master and is entitled to his little whims.

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