Al Jarreau in Yerevan
“Aram Khachaturian” concert hall

The main event of the anniversary year of the Armenian jazz was the performance of one of the best jazz singers of the modern era, Al Jarreau. The original stage design and the beautiful work of the lights providers, high-quality sound and two large screens on each side of the stage, where everything happening on the stage was broadcast in a large format, the special design of the Opera House foyer, the general order and organization – all worked to create a festive atmosphere.

For his many fans Al Jarreau performed his most vivid hits, showing all his mastery, – the highest vocal technique, excellent jazz scat, overflowing energy. The load of the years passed had no effect on any of the features the singer is so famous for. He was supported by five great musicians and a more than interesting backing vocalist, who attracted attention with not only singing, but also with exotic appearance.

It is rather difficult to define Al Jarreau’s genre affiliation – he is the only performer in the world who received the highest award in the world of music – GRAMMY – in three categories: jazz, pop and rhythm-and-blues. All in all he has 5 of them. During his long life (in April 2008 the singer turned 68), he recorded 30 full-length albums, appeared on the Broadway stage in the musical “Grease”, has played in several television movies, and finally got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With all of this, Jerrau’s voice doesn’t amaze with sumptuous data. However, the enveloping depth of the timbre of his voice makes a really magical effect on the listener. In addition, the singer masters a variety of techniques of singing, including the most virtuous scat and sound simulation of instruments. He treats his voice exactly as an instrumentalist, constantly playing with timbres, imitating the trumpet, the saxophone … And if we take into account that he easily moves from genre to genre, starting his latest hit with bossa nova or rhythm-and-blues, while developing it in jazz, then the “coverage” of the singer’s talent will become clear.

At the press conference, on behalf of the organizers the singer was handed an anniversary gift set – a t-shirt, a cup and a bottle of cognac with the logo of the Jazz Year. The singer was very moved and already at the concert he performed an improvisation dedicated to the 70-year jubilee – Armenian jazz.

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