“Aram Khachaturian” concert hall

At the very end of December 2008 as a New Year gift the legendary British fusion-band “SHAKATAK” visited Yerevan. The compositions of this so much popular band have been filling the air of the world’s radio stations from the mid 80’s. Combining in their music the elements of jazz, funk and Latin, “SHAKATAK” was able to offer the music lovers a refined and original sound, which has not been fading so far. During their long career, they recorded and released several dozens of albums, many of which became “gold” and “platinum”. They have performed at many jazz festivals, have toured most of the world, and at the end of the Jubilee Year of the Armenian jazz they arrived in Yerevan.

The magnificent “SHAKATAK” appeared in front of Yerevan residents in all its glory, and when the musicians took the stage, the hall greeted them as good old friends. It could not be other way since two generations of the former USSR used to dance under their music at student parties and discos. For 15-20 years there hadn’t been any contemporary music lover who did not have at least a couple of their albums in their home collection. In short, it’s a legendary cult band.

They arrived in Yerevan in their main star cast – the vocalist Jill Saward, the keyboardist Bill Sharpe, the bassist George Anderson and the drummer Roger Odell, plus the cutest Debby Bracknell, who played the flute and sang along to the lead singer and the guitarist Alan Wormald.

All who came enjoyed the concert greatly. Melodic, rhythmic and technical, and most importantly, cheerful – this is the brief description of the band’s Yerevan concert. The musicians played, sang and made playful dance movements thus getting the crowd to sing and dance with them. The guitarist played and sang, the bassist performed technical solos, and tireless Jill Saward contrived to not only sing superbly, but also pretty skillfully play the numerous percussion, thus vivifying the audience. During the whole hour and a half the hall was literally shaking from the energy tearing off the stage. The concert flew in one breath, and ended, as expected, with the concert version of the famous “Down on the Street”. The audience was conquered! The listeners were happy; they had listened to wonderful music and had seen their perennial idols with their own eyes.

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