Georgy Garanian
“Aram Khachaturian” concert hall

The gentle, melodious, and somewhat intelligent alto saxophone sound has been familiar to all the fans of jazz for many years – only Georgy Garanian’s instrument sounds like that.

And so, in the Year of Jazz. Yerevan fans of classic jazz got another chance to listen to maestro playing together with Armenian musicians of different generations.

The idea of such a concert, uniting artists from different generations, schools and countries, developed and implemented by the organization “Armenian Jazz-70” was promising, but its translation into reality exceeded all the expectations.

During the whole evening, on stage was a trio – pianist Haik Shakarian, bassist Nikoghaios Vardanian and drummer Ashot Harutyunian. The Armenian jazz veteran and a leading Russian saxophonist Alexander Zakarian played with them. Later, Garanian joined them. Georgy Aramovich was, as always, elegant, graceful, smart – a real professor of jazz! He began with an “official” statement that during his long life, he has attended many musical anniversaries, but to celebrate the anniversary of one genre for a year – such a thing has nowhere and never been! And then the two of them, Zakarian and him showed what that hot jazz is! Garanian himself soloed, plus conducted his small but highly energetic orchestra, presented solos and provided breaks, kept shouting something to cheer up the musicians – in a word, he felt he was the owner of the stage. He’d joke a lot, and not only with words but also with his music, combining absolutely different compositions, inserting into jazz works quotations from the classics of Soviet songs, etc. Later, when Levon Malkhassian too appeared on the stage, the energy of the concert peaked.

It was a wonderful concert of great musicians, led by Maestro – Georgy Aram Garanian.

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