met Miriam and asked her a few questions before the concert

-What are your first impressions about your new visit to Yerevan?

– Well, unfortunately, the moment of arrival was spoiled: our luggage was lost during the flight and we got it back the next day only and finally we were able to get our things, to change clothes, to work with a computer and so on. But except this unpleasant moment, the rest was just great. We met our old friends, noticed that the city had become even more beautiful. In short, we are happy.

-We would like to congratulate you with the birth of your third child, a baby boy.


-And how is the role of mother combined with the role of a singer? Doesn’t it hinder with one another?

– Oh no! Generally, the birth of a child makes a woman happier, and for an entertainer that happiness means new colors, new feelings that are surely to reflect on her career. I can feel that my singing art acquired new tunes, new colors, additional energy. So, it does me good. Well, routine difficulties do exist, but every single woman does have them!

-How do you treat the fact that you and your husband are constantly together, be it at home or on the stage? Do you transfer your creative problems into your family and vice versa?

-Well, let’s start with the fact that I never sing at home. For me, music is something special and I never confuse it with household chores. Therefore, we almost never talk about our music at home. Armen works a lot at home, but I never bother him. Sometimes, of course, he can ask for my opinion on a particular issue related to music, arrangements. So I would sooner answer “no” than “yes”.

– In spite of additional problems appeared after the birth of your child, you have toured a lot recently and performed in different cities…

-Yes. The season was very eventful. Immediately before Yerevan, we returned from Odessa, where we performed in the framework of multi-genre festival. We were accepted perfectly. By the way, a funny thing happened there. It wasn’t mentioned in the posters that it would be a jazz concert. There were only the names of performers included. And the people came, thinking it would be classical concert. At first sounds of jazz the audience froze from unfamiliar music and rhythms, but then enjoyed the whole concert with pleasure and even gave us ovations. So, everything was just great in Odessa.

– Do you prefer to perform in clubs or at large venues? Is there any difference for you, where to sing?

– Generally speaking, there is not. Of course, the feelings are different. There is more responsibility in club, you feel tenser, as the clubs are small with their audience, and you can see the eyes of each viewer, you see his reaction and try to follow him, echoing him, in a good sense, to indulge him. And in a big hall the contrast between you and the audience isn’t so close, so you do what you think is right, you don’t depend on the audience. However, I think an entertainer should exert himself at 100%, since people come to enjoy the music and you have to demonstrate all you can do. From this point of view, there is no matter for me where to sing.

– What will you advise young aspiring singers trying to sing jazz?

– Firstly, listen to classical music, it helps a lot. Secondly, sharpen skills and thirdly, listen to the musicians and their partners necessarily. Attentively listen to music and try to express themselves in it. Then it will bring to a kind of togetherness in the group and they will overcome everything.

– And when will your new album be released?

– We’ve almost completed working on a project with a draft title “Jazz in Russian”. These are signature compositions, Armen composed the music and I wrote the lyrics. We want to prove that jazz can sound good also in Russian, in spite of the settled opinion, that it sounds beautiful only in English. We hope that the recording will be done by the end of this year, so hipsters could enjoy the album next year.

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